My Art

Patch Work

Recently I've been getting into DIY patches :)

so far this is just painting designs and phrases onto black cloth, here are all my designs so far

Just A Girl

a patch that says Just a Girl and the A is the anarchy symbol the Just a Girl patch on my right sleeve of my jacket

The first patch I made 🥰♀️ it is based off the No Dount song of the same name. I think the lyrics sort of speak to me.

Florence and the Machine Patches

a black cloth with two patches: one says F+TM for Florence and the Machine, the other says The fabric of your flesh pure as a wedding dress with fangs the F+TM patch on the right sleeve of my jacket

Some patches I made themed after the band Florence and the Machine. the F+TM is something I saw on their website and the other is lyrics from the song Howl

while I added the F+TM patch on my jacket I don't think I'll be using the howl one as it's big and I used the fangs in the Good Girls patch


a patch that says Baciami fxxing kiss me with lips in the middle the baciami patch on my left jacket sleeve

this patch is inspired by Mel Stone's song Baciami

Mega Man themed Patches

2 patches one says hope rides alone and the other says grab my tanks with an E tank from mega man the hope rides alone patch on the left thigh of my pants the grab my tanks patch on a black bra with white polka dots

These 2 patches I made at once. Hope Rides Alone is a chant from the Protomen's debut album the other is just a funny reference to the mega man games that I put on a bra of mine

a patch that says light up the night with the silohuette of a city on fire the light up the night on the left shin of my pants

From the song Light up the Night also from the Protomen. This is probably one of my favorites my only regret is the width is more than my shin lol so it kinda wraps a bit and it's difficult to read on my pants now

Good Girls Bite Back

a patch that says good girls in cursive and bite hard in big old letters, there are fangs next to the text with a heart inside the mouth the good girls bite hard patch on the back left thigh of my pants

My favorite patch so far. This was inspired by Dog Park Dissidents song Bad Dog

Patches I haven't made myself

My outfits also feature alot of patches I found online or in record stores and I thought even if I personally didn't make them they're apart of the outfit I'm making

Digital Drawings

here is all of the drawings I've made recently

most of them are sketches or made as jokes but some are also tattoo designs I want to have


I was in a few print making classes in college and I recently found most of my prints

this is some of the only art I still have from pre-transition and when I had a fixation on classic mega man games I apologize in advance

Unfortunately due to a bout of depression before I transitioned I no longer have any other artwork that I did pre-transition